Problems connecting via WEP-MsCHAPv2

Roland Knall office at
Tue Dec 6 11:04:27 EST 2005


I've been trying for a while now to get connected to a wireless network
at my workplace. The cards I've used are the Netgear WG511 and MA401.
The second works great under Linux, and for WPA or non WEP networks it
gives me no problem. But trying to connect to the network in my
workplace, I just can not get it to work.

The following is the setting, as provided by the sysadmin for the

wlan type:open

key will be generated automatic

auth method:802.1x
auth encryption:peap

authentication with username and password
auth mechanism: mschap v2

If anyone could give me some hints how to get this to work, it would be
greatly appreciated. if you need any debug info, please post how i
should get and send it.

regards, Roland

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