"Failed to read configurations file" ?

Dimitris Kogias dimitris at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 18:49:18 EST 2005

[adding list to cc:]

> Hey, Hey, Hey,
> I did an ifup eth1 and it started working :)
> Does this mean that I have to the whole shebang into rc.local
> to come up on boot?
> ie do the wpa_supplicant and then the ifup eth1 command.

exactly.  I'm not sure how fedora handles this, but the debian package
for wpa_supplicant includes a startup rc script that runs before
interfaces are brought up by ifup/ifconfig.

> I can't figure out why the line in the conf file:
> ctrl_interface=/var/run/wpa_supplicant
> is flagged as an invalid line...
> I don't see any unix sockets floating around that look
> like they might of come from wpa_supplicant...
> Right now I can't get wpa_cli to find the wpa_supplicant...

Can't help with that, but then again I haven't tried to use it (although
I might in the future as I want to fiddle with DHCP preferences when in
the vicinity of >1 configured networks and the "wrong" one ends up being
selected by wpa_supplicant).  In other words, you probably don't have to
worry about that.


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