Any USB adapters for 802.1x on Linux?

Philip M. White pmw at
Fri Dec 2 01:18:25 EST 2005

My university (The University of Texas at Dallas) will be switching to
802.1x authentication/encryption campuswide in 1 month.  As an officer
of the university's Linux Users Group, I am somewhat obligated to come
up with a solution for students on Linux.

I have found some PCMCIA devices, primarily with the madwifi driver,
that should work, so there is no issue of Linux support in general.  The
issue is that I have not been able to find *any* USB devices that are

I found some USB NICs that use Prism; the hostap driver does not support
USB.  I found some USB NICs that use Atheros; the madwifi driver does
not support USB.

The list of chipsets that wpa_supplicant supports is not too long, and
having spent many hours researching this depressing issue, I am running
out of options here.

Does anyone know of any USB network card in the world that can
successfully use 802.1x on Linux?

Thank you very much in advance.

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