ndis_events.exe problem

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Thu Dec 1 13:09:22 EST 2005

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 10:08:40PM +0530, Anjaneyulu Jagarlamudi wrote:
> Hello,
>    Iam using wpa_supplicant on windowsXP.

Which version?  Try if you're using anything older.

Also, I assume XP SP2, right?

> If iam trying to start the ndis_events.exe following error comming.
> Connected to ROOT\WMI.
> ExecNotificationQueryAsync for MSNdis_StatusMediaConnect failed with hresult
> of 0x80041010
> ExecNotificationQueryAsync for MSNdis_StatusMediaDisconnect failed with
> hresult of 0x80041010
> ExecNotificationQueryAsync for MSNdis_StatusMediaSpecificIndication failed
> with hresult of 0x80041010
> Failed to register async notifications
> That error number is WBEM_E_INVALID_CLASS.

Hmm... is the WMI service running?  ("Windows Management
Instrumentation" is what it's called in the service controller thingy.)

Does it work as a local admin?  Maybe it's a permissions thing.

The MSDN documentation for ExecNotificationQueryAsync says that it can
return WBEM_E_INVALID_CLASS if the class referenced in the event query
(in this case, MSNdis_StatusMediaConnect, etc.) doesn't exist.  Although
I don't know why it wouldn't exist... hmm...  Are you sure you have
drivers installed and enabled for your wireless card?  I suppose it
might be possible that the event doesn't exist if no network card is

Also, take a look at Microsoft's WMI Tools download (first hit on Google
when searching for "wmi browser").  Run the browser HTML/ActiveX page
thingy in IE on your XP machine.  Connect to root\WMI, and look in the
listbox on the left to see whether MSNdis_StatusMediaConnect and friends
are shown.  (If they aren't, then I'm not sure how to get them there,
but if they're there, then there's some other issue causing WMI to
return an incorrect error code.)

> To start ndis_events.exe, should i start any thing.

Just the WMI service, as above.

> There is any otherway to post events to wpa_supplicant other than this
> ndis_events.exe.

Not that I know of.  The only way to get media connect/disconnect events
and PMKID candidate lists is through WMI events.  So if that doesn't
work, then it doesn't matter how they get posted to wpa_supplicant; you
won't have anything to post in the first place.

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