DWL-650 Dead need PDA file

Dustin Marquess jailbird at alcatraz.fdf.net
Sun May 30 21:59:59 EDT 2004

Learned that lesson the hard way.  Before you EVER run WinUpdate,
scan your registry for "LoadFirmware" and make sure the keys are set
to 0 and not 1.

A lot of the drivers will do a RAM update automatically, which will
screw-up WinUpdate and screw-over your card.


Hafeez Rehman <hafeezr at msn.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was trying to update my DWL-650 with station firmware 1.7.1 using
> winupdate so that I can use WPA, it gave me an error and I said no to
> continue, and now windows will not even see my card and hostap fails to
> initialize. I have tried using flash.exe and it says PDA is blank. The only
> thing I can successfully do is update the initial hex file. Can some one
> help me with it. May be provide me with the PDA file, if some one have the
> similar card. I would greatly appreciate.

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