STA not found?

Michael michael_duesseldorf at
Wed May 26 16:50:02 EDT 2004

> Which client card and driver version are you using on this laptop?

Intel(R) Pro/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI, driver version is  My
work laptop has the same card and driver version and functions fine

> WinXP/driver is doing something wrong if 2) works with static WEP key
> configuration in the AP.. Is the client disconnecting after about five
> seconds or is the connection working fine after this? It looks like the
> driver does not configure the client card properly for shared key
> authentication when using static WEP configuration.

WEP configuration is static in the AP.  I have observed syslog on the AP
while going through (1) -> (3) and (2) is where it seemed to work suddenly.
Once authenticated, the connection lasts for a while (definitely more than 5
sec) but then suddenly seems to cut out - I'll have to keep my eyes out for
this happening again and will post a syslog snapshot.

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