Tx Rate Chosing

Anand S. Katti askatti at ece.iisc.ernet.in
Wed May 26 05:55:34 EDT 2004


i forgot to ask most important thing itself.

Does the client make use of SIR value calculated from the received beacon
frames? in filling up the supported rates field in its probe req/asso req frame ?

As I said below, if the client senses the received beacon frame's SIR and
calculates the supported rates to be 5.5 MAX.

Is it so ?

 Kindly clear this cloud.


>> Is information exchanged about supported rates during Association is
>> used in eventually settling to an initial TX rate for the connection ?
>> If yes, then what initial rate they settle on ?

>Yes, the maximum rate supported by both ends is tried first.

Thanks a LOT LOT for the reply.

Suppose the STA is far away from the client such that it can only support
2Mbps, so it sends the Asso Req with supported rates as {1,2}.
Then does the AP set the initial rate (tx_rate) to 2Mbps:
        a) just by seeing the supported_rates of the Asso.Req alone ?
        b) or it also sees the SIR of the received Asso.Req signal ?

>Yes, the maximum rate supported by both ends is tried first.
Its too much to ask, but still could you please point me to the
Line No. of the Source file where this decesion is made ?

Thanks Again,

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