update sta fw to 1.8.3 failed

Ondrej Zima amiandrew at volny.cz
Tue May 25 16:18:17 EDT 2004

Sergey Basmanov wrote:
> Hello,
> What does it means:
> #prism2_srec -v wlan0 rf010803.hex
> S3 CRC-16 generation record: start=0x007E1800 len=65536 prog=1
> Start address 0x003f0c01
> srec summary for rf010803.hex
> Component: 0x001f 1.8.3 (station firmware)

I updated the VRAM with 1.8.3 fw but the AP have very obscure maner. The client are often disasociated without reason, communication s are often lost, packet loss is very big. So I run back fw 1.8.0.

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