Received signal strength

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> I have a Harris Semiconductor Prism 2.5 Wavelan Chipset.I want to convert
>  parameter rxdesc->signal into dBm.
> Is  (rxdesc->signal-100) the right way to do it?.

As I read on "A Practical Approach to Identifying and Tracking Unauthorized
802.11 Cards and Access Points". Interlink Networks White Paper, URL: 2002.:

"The values returned by iwspy were most likely already logarithmic, to make
them easier to read. If they were logarithmic, they should have some linear
relationship to the signal strength in dBm. The relationship between the
values returned by iwspy and dBm was found to be linear:

P[dBm] = 1.205 P[RSSI] - 101.7
P[RSSI] = 0.83 P[dBm] +  83.891


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