Are Netgear MA311 rev 2.0 Prism2-based?

M Singh msingh at
Sat May 22 17:06:13 EDT 2004

James B. Hiller wrote:

>>My memory is not so poor that I would not remember what brand and model 
>>it was. But I am not sure if it is Rev 2.0. Hence the disclaimer at the end.
>And hence, you missed the point of the guy's question, loaded the list with
>noise, and didn't help him.

Considering the fact that your response does nothing to help him 
(whether a Netgear MA311 works with hostap at all or not), aren't you 
being a little cute in talking about "noise" ?

If it is a slow weekend, I suggest other, more wholesome ways of having 
fun. When I was trying to set up my wireless network, every little bit 
of information helped. I am not going to withhold any info from someone 
trying to get some things working just on grounds that it might be 
incomplete. That is what disclaimers are for.

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