kernel: prism2_hostapd: unknown cmd=12

Kwabbernoot kwabbernoot at
Thu May 20 03:35:15 EDT 2004

> On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 07:53:13AM -0400, Kevin Tang wrote:
>>I encountered the same message "Operation not supported" when I installed
>>the lastest development version of hostapd but not the latest
>>hostap-driver.  After I installed the latest driver, the message went
>>away.  This might not be your problem, but it's an easy fix if it is.
>>On Sat, 15 May 2004, Kwabbernoot wrote:
>>>When I use my RH9 stop script for stopping hostapd is sends this 
>>>"prism2_hostapd: unknown cmd=12" to syslog.
> prism2_hostapd cmd=12 is PRISM2_HOSTAPD_SET_GENERIC_ELEMENT which was
> added in 0.2.x branch. This error does indeed occur if the kernel driver
> is from a 0.1.x release and hostapd from a 0.2.x release. This kind of
> mismatch in versions is not recommended.
I replaced everything with the latest CVS-release and everything 
works perfect. Thank you for your answer and the good work.


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