Cisco Proprietary Element ID

Kevin Tang ktang at
Fri May 14 14:11:40 EDT 2004


I'm trying to associate a HostAP-driven device in Master mode to a Cisco
Aironet 350 Bridge, and I was wondering if anyone has noticed what I'm
seeing.  Using a packet analyzer, I captured the association between two
Cisco Bridges and noticed a "Cisco Proprietary Element ID" in the
requesting bridge's Association Request.  It looks like this:

Cisco Proprietary
  Element ID:           133  Cisco Proprietary
  Length:               30
  OUI:                  0x00-0x00-0x4D
  Value:                0x0D1F00FF001100
  AP Name:              NONROOT.........
  Number of clients:    0
  Value:                0x000022

Has anyone seen this before?  It seems like this ID is required for a
device to be recognized by the Cisco bridge as able to forward bridge
traffic.  What would be the best method of adding this information into an
association packet to "fool" the Cisco bridge?


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