linux/*.ver problem during compilation of hostap 0.2.1 on RH 9

M Singh msingh at
Fri May 14 01:00:53 EDT 2004

Pavel Roskin wrote:

>It was fixed in README.  Where did you get "install_pci" from?  It's
>totally undocumented in version 0.2.1!  If you read old documentation and
>use it to compile new driver, you shouldn't expect things to work right.
>You can just as well run "make install_pci_please" and you'll get an error
>too :-)

I got it from the Makefile :

install_pci: install_check install_crypt install_hostap
        @echo "Installing $(MODULE_PCI) to $(MODPATH_PCI)"
        mkdir -p $(MODPATH_PCI)
        cp -f $(MSRC)/$(MODULE_PCI) $(MODPATH_PCI)
        /sbin/depmod -ae

I did not trust (yes, it looks funny now) that a simple "make" would 
correctly deduce that it just needs to compile the PCI driver (for my 
Netgear MA311)  and had a foggy recollection from last year that the 
target install_pci was right. Well, it was correct, but only after a 
"make". It compiles now.

>It's becoming a FAQ.  I answered a similar question yesterday:
>Q: HostAP doesn't compile.  What should I do?
>A: Read the README file (no, not the one what come with a year old


Thanks for putting up with the question.

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