D-Link DWL-650 rev P mystery resolved!

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Tue May 11 11:53:43 EDT 2004


I reported in the past that I could not get D-Link DWL-650 revision P to
work on a certain machine with Intel chipset.  This problem is solved in
Linux 2.6.6.

The socket driver was using a port range already used by the motherboard
(0x4000-0x40bf).  The motherboard indicated the used range using PNPBIOS
interface.  I didn't have it enabled.  But even if PNPBIOS is enabled, the
kernel doesn't automatically reserve the motherboard resources.

The fix was to enable a certain "quirk" to drivers/pci/quirks.c for that
particular motherboard:

quirk_ich4_lpc_acpi },

Now firmware download is working just fine.  The patch also fixed CardBus
support, ACPI timer and some flakiness when USB and PCMCIA devices are
used in the same time.

If anybody still has motherboard related issues (not curly hands, please!)
with D-Link DWL-650 revision P (i.e. the one without firmware in flash),
please let me know.  It may be a similar problem.

Pavel Roskin

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