PrismII Card with antenna

James B. Hiller jhiller at
Mon May 10 19:54:51 EDT 2004


> Does anyone know a prism-WLAN-Card (for HostAP), with the possibility to
> attach an external antenna?

Not sure of your specific requirements, but for example:

a.  You could get a Zcomax XI-626 card, which is Prism II, and also a
Zcomax external antenna.

b.  You could get whatever other Prism II card you want, and a Zcomax
external antenna.  I've run these antennas with a number of cards, both
Prism II and not.

By "external", I'm not sure if you want one with a few feet of cable
that you can locate, for example, in a different spot than your machine;
or if you mean as in "outside".  For the latter, I've not got any info.


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