Active scanning of APs

Andrea G. Forte andreaf at
Mon May 10 14:53:14 EDT 2004


what happens usually is that you will have data packets sent also between
the end of probing and auth.
Note that if you send data packets between auth and ass. they will be


On Mon, 10 May 2004, Robel Daher wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> About active scanning: Can the STA send data packets through the active
> scanning? In other words, through the active scanning the STA needs to
> check every channel by sending "probe request" and waits for an
> AP-response for determined time to decide leaving this channel and
> checking the next one. So, is it possible, that the STA can do this
> parallel with data transmitting on the associated channel?
> What I read in the standard 802.11 explain only the active scanning
> process. In comparison to the WLAN-Functionality it wouldn't be possible
> that the STA can transmit data through the checking of other channels by
> active scanning process, but I'm still not sure. Do any body have
> something about to tell?
> Thanks in advance,
> Robel

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