Cards seeming connect but unable to route traffic?

Joseph njmurphy1 at
Fri May 7 21:38:26 EDT 2004

Hi Drew

	I wonder if the problem might not be with hostap but with your routing table.  
In the DHCP mini howto it says this:

Next step is to add route for Quoted from DHCPd README:

"In order for dhcpd to work correctly with picky DHCP clients (e.g., Windows 							 				
95), it must be able to send packets with an IP destination address of Unfortunately, Linux insists on changing 
into the local subnet broadcast address (here, that's This 
results in a DHCP protocol violation, and while many DHCP clients don't 
notice the problem, some (e.g., all Microsoft DHCP clients) do. Clients that 
have this problem will appear not to see DHCPOFFER messages from the server."

Type: route add -host dev eth0

Did you do this???  I don't have MS Xtra Pricey on any of my machines but I do 
have one that has 98 on it and I needed to add this so it could get an ip 
from my dhcp server thats on the hostap machine. 

I haven't read all the posts about your problem so if this was covered sorry 
for taking up bandwidth.


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