Cards seeming connect but unable to route traffic?

Kwabbernoot kwabbernoot at
Thu May 6 00:56:27 EDT 2004

The 00:00:00:00:00 address is oke because it's probably asking 'who 
has ip .....>, right?
If the other side is not answering and there is your problem, 
somewhere with layer 1 or 2, wich meens connection or driver is not oke.


Drew Dowling wrote:
>>>Use Ethereal..
>>>...from ...
>>>Ethereal is a GUI network protocol analyzer. It lets you interactively
>>>browse packet data from a live network or from a previously saved capture
>>>file. Ethereal's native capture file format is libpcap format, which is
>>>also the format used by tcpdump and various other tools.
>>>There's a Windows version which will run on XP.
> Sweet!  So I installed this puppy and fired her up.  I'm not real sure
> what I'm looking for here.  I can see packets accumulating of the ARP
> protocol when I ping.  The Address Resolution has good sender info, but a
> literal 00:00:00:00:00 MAC address for the target.  Any ideas of where to
> go from here?
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