wds-bridges to be, or not to be ;)

Denis Vlasenko vda at port.imtp.ilyichevsk.odessa.ua
Tue May 4 19:03:47 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 21:32, Nebojsa Micovic wrote:
> and this link is working fine for past 6 months, now I'm trying to put
> BRIDGES on boths sides, as we told to do, WDS HostAP in Master mode, you do
> remember, and APs don't see one another, why ??? oh why??? can someone
> please help me, is WDS more sensitive...

I had WDS problems too, but now at least one WDS
is working, although I use somewhat weird
script to set it up. I don't remember exactly
why it is needed, but simply setting 'master'
or 'repeater' did not work. I need to switch
back and forth at setup time.

let i+=1; wds[$i]=00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx #(repead as needed)

doit iwconfig $if master
#...(channel etc)....

if test "${wds[*]}"; then
    echo WDS...
    doit iwconfig $if mode repeater; sleep 1
    doit prism2_param $if max_wds ${#wds[*]}
    doit prism2_param $if wds_type 4
    i=0; while test "${wds[$i]}"; do
        doit iwpriv $if wds_del "${wds[$i]}"
        doit iwpriv $if wds_add "${wds[$i]}"
    let i+=1; done
    doit iwconfig $if master

I am interested in how otehrs do it, too

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