Bridging in managed mode.

Christopher Dobbs crdobbs at
Mon May 3 17:54:38 EDT 2004

Well it seams that I have steped in it again!!
The AP software that I use was developed in-house for us to use for this 
The stock AP software will not do it.
I am trying to get my business partners to ok the release of the software.

Un-fortuninatly I my only get a binary only distro aproved.
The more people interest that there is on this, the more likely that I 
may be able to get it released.

If eveyone who is intereted in this could send me a message at 
software at I can take the requests
to the partners and petition for a realse waver.

The next partner meating is on 5/28/2004.

Christopher Dobbs
Eracew Computer Services

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