CIS and PDA for RangeLan-DS (8430 Harmony 802.11b)?

Pavel Roskin proski at
Mon May 3 16:19:45 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2 May 2004, Andres Morales wrote:

> I bought this card in e-bay, just to later know that the CIS and PDA are
> broken. If somebody please could send me the CIS and the PDA for a
> Proxim  Harmony 802.11b (same as Proxim  Rangelan-ds ).  Since the data
> is corrupted , I cannot use hostap, (neither any other driver)

The ID is described at

manfid: 0x0126, 0x0002

I don't have the complete PDA and CIS of this card.  I think PAD and CIS
from any Prism2 based card would be fine.  You'll need to set up the MAC
address and the voltage.  Make sure the PDA has correct checksum
(prism2_srec can calculate it).  Use objcopy to create S-Records from
binary files.  You should be able to flash them in hostap in genesis mode.
Or use flash.exe (

Use "hostap_diags -r" to dump CIS.  Use "prism_srec -D" to dump PDA.

Pavel Roskin

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