Fedora Code 2 compile woes

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Mon May 3 15:09:54 EDT 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004, Jason Morehouse wrote:

> Hello, trying to compile the hostap-driver (0.1.3) for use with the
> ipw2100 wireless network card.

I don't think ipw2100 is compatible with HostAP.  See this driver instead:

> A make yeilds a log of 7000+ errors.

Usually only the first error is signigicant.

> Though I realize fedora is rather bleeding egde, if anyone has and advice
> I'd be greatfull!

The driver is compiled against kernel sources.  There is nothing specific
to Fedora in your problem.

> Using 2.6.5-1.327 and Fedora code 2 test 3 w/ kernel 2.6.5-1.327.
> The make logs starts with
> make -C /usr/src/linux SUBDIRS=/home/jm/hostap-driver-0.1.3/driver/modules
> 	MODVERDIR=/home/jm/hostap-driver-0.1.3/driver/modules modules
> make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.5-1.327'
>   CC [M]  /home/jm/hostap-driver-0.1.3/driver/modules/hostap.o
> In file included from
> /home/jm/hostap-driver-0.1.3/driver/modules/hostap.c:19:
> include/linux/config.h:4:28: linux/autoconf.h: No such file or directory

The kernel is not configured.  Make sure you have the complete kernel
sources, find the .config file for your kernel, put it to the sources, run
"make oldconfig" and "make modules" in the kernel.  Then compile hostap.

If that doesn't work, install and compile another kernel.  This applies to
other drivers as well, not just to HostAP.

Pavel Roskin

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