OT: Hardware and Software for my WLAN Setup

Florian G. Pflug fgp at phlo.org
Fri Feb 27 13:22:00 EST 2004


I want to accomplish the following wlan setup:
            |--------|   Client                                   Client
Internet <- |Linux   |     |                                        |
            |Router  |--|------ethernet1 (wired) (192.168.10-0/24)----| <-|
            |--------|                                                    |
                        |------ethernet2 (wired) (| <-|
                           |                                        |     |
                         Client                                   Client  |
                        |------ethernet3 (wireless) (| <-|
                           |                                         |
                         Client(floor1)                            Client(floor2)

The two wired ethernet segments (ethernet1 and ethernet2) are on two different floors
of a building. Those two networks shall be linked wirelessly. Additionally, I want to
be able to use the network from wlan-capable notebooks, preferrably on both floors (but
reception is bad, so I think I need two access points, one on each floor). Of course, two
wireless devices on different floors (thus speaking with different APs) shall be able to communicate
with each other (I guess this means, that the two APs need to be WBS-capable)

The main problem is, that I'm unsure if a access point can be both bridget (to connect the two
subnets) and (WBS-capable, if possible) AccessPoint (to let notbooks connect) at the same time.

My preferred setup would be to make the linux router an access point, using the hostap driver and
a compatible wlan pci card.

On the second floor I'd like to use a hardware-ap, but it shall
a) Provided AP-Services to notebooks on this floor
b) Bridge ethernet2 to ethernet1.
c) Be WBS-linkes to the linux-based AP on floor1

If anyone has an idea how to accomplish this (for an affordable amount of money), please let me know.

Sorry if you believe I posted this to the wrong list. I googled for hours, and didn't find any in-depth
explanation on how WBS,Bridging,APs,.. work. If there are places more appropriate for this kind of question,
please tell me where to find them.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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