Problems compiling hostap-driver for kernel 2.6.3

Julian Finn julian at
Sun Feb 22 12:43:20 EST 2004


I have a few problems compiling hostap-driver for my Prism2-PCI-Card: 
when I do "make", first the warning "Makefile:38: WARNING: No kernel
PCMCIA support found and PCMCIA_PATH is not defined
" comes up. I believe this is no problem, right? 

Anyway: after "make install", modprobe hostap_pci brings up: 
FATAL: Module hostap_pci not found.
I believe this is because kernel 2.6 doesn't call its modules .o
anymore, right? Well, I just find for example "hostap_pci.o" in
can anybody give me any tipps what I am doing wrong? I am quite new to
linux and compiling modules and kernels...



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