Troubles on long link...

Sergio M. Ammirata ammirata at
Mon Feb 16 03:48:51 EST 2004

Would this mean that in a busy area you would have wasted resources keeping
track of stations associated to a neighbor ap?

Also, what do you recommend for wds links, wds_type=2(managed) or
wds_type=4(master with standard frame)?

Will the change described below work with either type?

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> > Is there any downside to making this change?
> Disabling ACK verification for authentication should be OK. It is a bit
> unclear whether this is really required in IEEE 802.11 standard.
> However, doing this for association is clearly against the standard (the
> STA is assumed be associated only after it successfully acknowledges
> AssocResp). In practice, this might make AP believe that a STA is
> associated even though the STA missed the AssocResp frame. I don't think
> this would cause any major issues, though.
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