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Bradley Chapman kakadu_croc at
Fri Feb 6 04:56:58 EST 2004

Mr. Malinen,

--- Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 01:00:22PM -0800, AthlonRob wrote:
> > I couldn't get the hostap drivers to compile against 2.6.2, so I just
> > grabbed CVS and tried it... AFAICT, the issue has been resolved in CVS.
> > 
> > Of course, CVS isn't quite perfect.  I now have a wifi0 that's just
> > funky and a wlan0 that works as normal and no working WEP support, but
> > some of that may be my specific card and some of it may be my
> > configuration.
> What's wrong with a "funky wifi0" interface? Does it break something in
> your setup? If you just ignore it, it shouldn't really cause any issues
> (or at least I'm not aware of any). It wouldn't be needed for
> station-only driver, but it is quite handy for handling number of
> virtual interfaces in AP/WDS setup (and thus, it is not likely to go
> away).

The only problem that I have with it, now that I understand why it was placed
there, is that it duplicates information between wifi0 and wlan0 in both
ifconfig and iwconfig. If there was a way to get either of those programs to
display the wifi0 interface differently, it would help.

> If you really want to get rid of the additional interface, you could use
> the CVS snapshot of the stable branch, not of the development branch. It
> should compile for Linux 2.6.2 and act more or less in the exact same
> way as Host AP v0.1.2.
> I'm not aware of an WEP issues in the development version. Do you mean
> that something used to work with v0.1.2, but does not work with the CVS
> snapshot (of development branch)? Please give bit more details so that I
> can try to resolve the issues. I would need to know which card you are
> using (include NICID and PRI/STA firmware versions) and list of commands
> that you used to setup WEP.
> Some very old Prism2 cards used to have odd problems with WEP. I have
> been able to get them working by enabling host-based encryption. You
> can try it by running following commands:
> iwpriv wlan0 host_encrypt 1
> iwpriv wlan0 host_decrypt 1

I used to have a lot of problems with my Linksys WPC11 Prism3 card until I
upgraded the firmware to 1.0.1/1.7.4. Now I'm at 1.0.1/1.8.0 and everything
is great - sometimes a firmware update fixes everything :)

> -- 
> Jouni Malinen



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