Kernel 2.6.2 Changes

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Thu Feb 5 22:20:41 EST 2004

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 01:00:22PM -0800, AthlonRob wrote:

> I couldn't get the hostap drivers to compile against 2.6.2, so I just
> grabbed CVS and tried it... AFAICT, the issue has been resolved in CVS.
> Of course, CVS isn't quite perfect.  I now have a wifi0 that's just
> funky and a wlan0 that works as normal and no working WEP support, but
> some of that may be my specific card and some of it may be my
> configuration.

What's wrong with a "funky wifi0" interface? Does it break something in
your setup? If you just ignore it, it shouldn't really cause any issues
(or at least I'm not aware of any). It wouldn't be needed for
station-only driver, but it is quite handy for handling number of
virtual interfaces in AP/WDS setup (and thus, it is not likely to go

If you really want to get rid of the additional interface, you could use
the CVS snapshot of the stable branch, not of the development branch. It
should compile for Linux 2.6.2 and act more or less in the exact same
way as Host AP v0.1.2.

I'm not aware of an WEP issues in the development version. Do you mean
that something used to work with v0.1.2, but does not work with the CVS
snapshot (of development branch)? Please give bit more details so that I
can try to resolve the issues. I would need to know which card you are
using (include NICID and PRI/STA firmware versions) and list of commands
that you used to setup WEP.

Some very old Prism2 cards used to have odd problems with WEP. I have
been able to get them working by enabling host-based encryption. You
can try it by running following commands:

iwpriv wlan0 host_encrypt 1
iwpriv wlan0 host_decrypt 1

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