how to send frames in ad-hoc mode?

Leonardo Maccari maccari-thisaintpartofmyaddress- at
Thu Dec 30 08:38:38 EST 2004

On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 04:37:27PM +0100, Leonardo Maccari wrote:
> 	if (wpa_driver_wext_set_bssid(drv->wext, params->bssid) < 0)
> 		ret = -1;
> if I understood well,  the hostap_send_eapol function of hostapd (which
> works in master mode) formats the whole packet, with headers, then passes
> it to the card. wpa_eapol_send in wpa_supplicant otherwise, just formats
> a normal ethernet frame, then passes it to the socket, which means that
> the firmware iself adds 802.11 headers, according to configurations done.
> but if I put the card in ad-hoc (pseudo_ibss) mode the
> wpa_driver_wext_set_bssid() function doesn't seem to work, and the packet
> is sent withouth bssid. which function should I use to set it?

I had to leave it apart for a while but I'm still stuck with this, I can't
set the bssid, and I'm starting to think in ad-hoc mode I just can't do
it 'cause I found nothing in hostap code or in wireless extensions to
set the "cell".

So I'm starting to think about making it in hostap mode, and re-implement
all the functionalities in software... I hope someone can contribute with
ideas or suggestions.

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sorry for this, I realized my smtp server was adding this disclaimer 
just after a while, and I guess it's kind of annoying for a mailing list.
I finally convinced the admin to cut it off.


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