ipw2100 + WPA-PSK link dies if not used

Szymon Juraszczyk szymon at juraszczyk.com
Sun Dec 26 12:24:32 EST 2004

Jouni Malinen wrote:

>Not really. This sounds like a clear driver bug and I do not want to
>make wpa_supplicant any more complex by adding workarounds for this kind
>of issue. The driver should be fixed or at least the workaround in the
>driver code should generate a disassociation event if it does not
>configure firmware back to the state it was in before (i.e., working WPA
>connection in this case).
  I understand it and have already posted a bug report to the ipw2100 
team. If there's someone willing to do something about the bug, I'll 
happily provide them as much feedback as I can.
  It really sucks that vendors like Intel or IBM do not bother to 
provide drivers for Linux... Thanks God that ping -i 1 effectively keeps 
the link alive, otherwise I'd end up either using Window$ or runing 
around the flat with patchcords...

Best regards,
Szymon Juraszczyk
szymon at juraszczyk.com

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