hostap/hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new development release v0.3.2

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Mon Dec 20 01:53:45 EST 2004

New versions of the Host AP driver, hostap-utils, hostapd, and
wpa_supplicant were just released and are now available from

This release is from the development (0.3.x) branch. Please note that
0.2.x branch continues to be the current source of stable releases.

Most of the changes are in wpa_supplicant which now has feature
complete support for WPA2 on Windows/cygwin. In addition, there are
number of small fixes for various parts of the code.

* added support for the special initialization needed for the
  wireless part of multi-function SanDisk ConnectPlus CF cards
  (manfid 0xd601, 0x0101)

* split_combined_hex: updated to use head/tail -n argument
  (tail +N did not work anymore)

* removed 'daemonize' configuration file option since it has not really
  been used at all for more than year
* driver_madwifi: fixed group key setup and added get_ssid method
* added support for EAP-MSCHAPv2 in the integrated EAP authenticator

* fixed private key loading for cases where passphrase is not set
* fixed Windows/cygwin L2 packet handler freeing; previous version
  could cause a segfault when RSN pre-authentication was completed
* added support for PMKSA caching with drivers that generate RSN IEs
  (e.g., NDIS); currently, this is only implemented in driver_ndis.c,
  but similar code can be easily added to driver_ndiswrapper.c once
  ndiswrapper gets full support for RSN PMKSA caching
* improved recovery from PMKID mismatches by requesting full EAP
  authentication in case of failed PMKSA caching attempt
* driver_ndis: added support for NDIS NdisMIncidateStatus() events
  (this requires that ndis_events is ran while wpa_supplicant is
* driver_ndis: use ADD_WEP/REMOVE_WEP when configuring WEP keys
* added support for driver interfaces to replace the interface name
  based on driver/OS specific mapping, e.g., in case of driver_ndis,
  this allows the beginning of the adapter description to be used as
  the interface name
* added support for CR+LF (Windows-style) line ends in configuration
* driver_ndis: enable radio before starting scanning, disable radio
  when exiting
* modified association event handler to set portEnabled = FALSE before
  clearing port Valid in order to reset EAP state machine and avoid
  problems with new authentication getting ignored because of state
  machines ending up in AUTHENTICATED/SUCCESS state based on old
* added support for driver events to add PMKID candidates in order to
  allow drivers to give priority to most likely roaming candidates
* driver_hostap: moved PrivacyInvoked configuration to associate()
  function so that this will not be set for plaintext connections
* added KEY_MGMT_802_1X_NO_WPA as a new key_mgmt type so that driver
  interface can distinguish plaintext and IEEE 802.1X (no WPA)
* fixed static WEP key configuration to use broadcast/default type for
  all keys (previously, the default TX key was configured as pairwise/
  unicast key)
* driver_ndis: added legacy WPA capability detection for non-WPA2
* added support for setting static WEP keys for IEEE 802.1X without
  dynamic WEP keying (eapol_flags=0)

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