How to rmmod hostap driver?

zhaoming zhaoming at
Sat Dec 18 23:01:48 EST 2004

So is there anyone know how to remove modules which is still working  from the kernel? 
I use hostap as a module in linux-2.6.2.
[root at oracleas root]# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
hostap_cs              62112  3 
hostap                122920  1 hostap_cs
autofs                 15616  0 
parport_pc             27144  0 
parport                43168  1 parport_pc
usbcore               108116  1 

when I want to rmmod hostap ,I encounter this:
[root at oracleas root]# rmmod hostap
ERROR: Module hostap is in use by hostap_cs

Then I try to rmmod hostap_cs ,I encounter this:
[root at oracleas root]# rmmod hostap_cs
ERROR: Module hostap_cs is in use

If I rmmod -f hostap_cs , the linux-2.6.2 will crash .After I
restart the box,I cannot load the hostap module.But the pcmcia card 
is OK.
[root at oracleas root]# cardctl ident 
Socket 0:
  product info: "The Linksys Group, Inc.", "Instant Wireless Network PC Card", "ISL37300P", "RevA"
  manfid: 0x0274, 0x1613
  function: 6 (network)
Socket 1:
  no product info available

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