Problems with wpa_supplicant and Linksys WPC54G + WPA EAP-TTLS

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Fri Dec 17 21:34:08 EST 2004

On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 05:56:30PM -0800, Dan Parsons wrote:

> I'm having trouble making my Linksys WPC54G (v1) card work with WPA 
> (EAP-TTLS) in Linux.
> Basically, I can make the card talk to a WPA-PSK access point in Linux 
> with no problems, it's only when I try WPA EAP+TTLS that I fail. I know 
> the EAP+TTLS access point is configured correctly because I can connect 
> to it with a Windows machine and also a Mac.
> The problem is simply not being able to authenticate to my access point 
> set up with WPA using EAP-TTLS. I've tried it against a Cisco Aironet 
> 1200 and an Apple Airport Extreme. Both APs I can successfully connect 
> to with eap-ttls under Windows and MacOS.

Have you tested either of these APs in WPA-PSK mode or was it another AP
that you used in the WPA-PSK test?

> In addition to not being able to authenticate, my machine 
> freezes/crashes sporadically when running wpa_supplicant.
> I'm not sure if this is a wpa_supplicant or a ndiswrapper problem... 

As far as crashing is concerned, I would point to ndiswrapper and or
NDIS driver. Based on the log file, it looks like wpa_supplicant gets an
association event, but does not receive any EAPOL packets from the AP.
In addition, ndiswrapper is supposed to send an association info event
to wpa_supplicant, but that does not show up in the debug log for some
reason.. Could you please also send a debug log from the same card and
driver when using WPA-PSK successfully? Anyway, I would assume that this
would be something ndiswrapper specific.

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