Can Prism STA FW be reverted to earlier versions?

Tony Espy espy at
Fri Dec 17 14:26:50 EST 2004

I used prism2_srec to upgrade my STA firmware on a Gemtek/WL-672 card 
from v1.4.9 to v1.7.4.

Will prism2_srec allow me to revert back to the earlier version?

I also downloaded 1.8.3.tar.gz, but noticed that the files contained 
both start with "r" which doesn't map any of the types listed on Jun 
Sun's firmware upgrade page.  Does anyone know what the "r" type means? 
  The latest station firmware that follows the naming conventions on Jun 
Sun's page is sf010800.hex ( v1.8.0 ).

Tony Espy
Pepper Computer, Inc.

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