WDS and WPA: working?

Hugo Espuny hec at espuny.net
Thu Dec 16 05:47:06 EST 2004

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I've got a WDS based wifi net with one hostap based PC and some LinkSys WRT54G
AP's. The system is working properly with WEP104 encryption. I tried to upgrade
it to WPA-PSK encryption with no success, because in WPA with hostapd i can't
get WDS links up (seems like the AP's don't try to auth to hostapd). I am using
the stable driver and hostapd version (0.2.5) and station firmware 1.7.6 on a
prism 2 chipset.

Someone can point out if this is working on CVS or development version? Or maybe
i should use another auth system different from PSK for that configuration to
work? I can't find references in the changelogs, and i can't find much
information about that matter in the list.


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