Used to work, now it doesn't!

Randy Johnson daltec at
Mon Dec 13 15:28:09 EST 2004

Hi guys, I sure would appreciate any tips or advice you might be willing to give... I am (or was) running HostAP 0.1.3 on a Redhat 9 box (Netgear MA-311) downstairs and connecting to it from a Win2k box upstairs. Everything worked fine. Well, the other day I started up sshd and vsftpd on the HostAP box to test them out from the machine upstairs. I started up the upstairs machine, and it did not associate with the AP. Nor would it, even after letting it sit there for most of the day. It is like it just does not see it at all. It *does* see my neighbor's AP, btw - and the results are the same with NetStumbler. It'll see my neighbor's AP, that is, but not the HostAP. I checked all of the settings in the wlan0 boot script, and they are all okay, as are the settings with the machine upstairs. But I just can't see my AP. The only thing I noticed that seemed weird is that now, iwconfig wlan0 returns all of the regular info (which is all correct) PLUS a new entry for "nickname." I do not know where this "nickname" setting is coming from, as I have never assigned on. The nickname, btw, is "hostap.localdomain." Dunno if that matters or not.

Anyways, as I said, I would *very* much appreciate any tips or info, as I am just about at my wit's end.

Thank you!

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