senao txpower

Sebastian Witt se.witt at
Sun Dec 12 14:36:23 EST 2004

Gudmundur Karlsson wrote:

 > I have a Senao 2511 CD PLUS EXT2 with a 5 dBi Omni RP-TNC antenna 
running in
 > Master mode.  iwconfig shown below.
 > I still don't seem to get good range.  It seems the same as any other 
 > I've used.
 > How do I check if the card is really transmitting at 200mW ?
 > If it isn't, then how do I set the txpower?
 > iwconfig won't set it with iwconfig wlan0 txpower 200mW:

I'm using iwpriv to set the output power of my 2511:

# Disable ALC:
iwpriv $IF alc 0

# Set manual TX power control
iwpriv $IF writemif 62 $x

$x is an value between 0 and 255, 127 is the lowest output power, 128 
the highest.

See to get an overview.

There's also CR58 (TX Power Measurement, iwpriv $IF readmif 116):

These are all raw values, I haven't read the documentation on how to 
interpret them.


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