Pre-authentication functionality with WPA2

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Fri Dec 10 08:17:35 EST 2004

Hi ,

           I have a query regarding Pre-authentication functionality implementation in WPA-supplicant. 

As per my understanding of the WPA - supplicant code, it seems the list of APs with Pre-authentication capability is generated from the APs discovered during the initial Scan for the BSS's at the time of Association. 

However, as per the 802.11i, all such APs which need to be pre-authenticated after a successful WPA2 association, should be on a wired network. And this is logical as well, as the Pre-authentication feature is to enable fast roaming in WPA2 scenario.

So, my question is if the APs, which need to be pre-authenticated are all connected on a wired network and are physically far apart for their presence to be felt over the wireless media, how will they be discovered during the initial scanning for the BSS at the time of WPA2 association?  





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