Two hostap access points in the same computer

Jim Thompson jim at
Fri Dec 10 03:51:16 EST 2004

On Dec 9, 2004, at 10:39 PM, Dan Searle wrote:

> Hi,
> Thursday, December 9, 2004, 11:00:41 PM, you wrote:
>> Right, it works if you're close-by, somewhat.
> Close? I have a router with 5 radios in it, all right next to each
> other on the PCI bus, all the links are over 1Km, the links have been
> up and passing traffic for about 6 months.

Are they heavily loaded?

Care to explain (with simple math) *how* they work?

>> but try this:
>> turn-up card #1, on, say, channel 1, as an AP
>> go to range (farthest you can reach) with a notebook.   Run a
>> throughput test.
>> turn-up card #1, on, say, channel 6 or even channel 11
>> go to range with a second notebook
>> run simultaneous throughput tests
>> explain why you don't get 2X the single notebook test.
> Of cause there will be some interference, but so what?


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