Two hostap access points in the same computer

Jar jar at
Thu Dec 9 10:52:24 EST 2004

> Hi,
> The radio cards appear as different interfaces: wlan0 wlan1 etc... so
> you can have many in one host at any one time.
> Hardware considerations are power consumption (if it's a low power
> host), and RF interferrance. If you're using 2.4GHz (802.11b/g) then
> be careful to choose channels which don't overlap, otherwise you'll
> have both radios fighting for the bandwidth, or interfering with each
> other.

Ok, the pc would be "standard" P2 and the cards would use hostap driver. Is it sure
that these cards won't interfere (e.g. leak the RF power inside the pc cover) each
others even if I put one to channel 1 and the other to cannel 11?

Best Regards, Jar

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