ifconfig up/down problem

Tony Espy espy at pepper.com
Tue Dec 7 16:42:54 EST 2004

I recently debugged a problem with HostAP(0.25), wpa_supplicant(0.25) 
and pump(0.8.3), where pump was bringing down the interface before 
setting interface params received in the DHCP response.
When this happens, wpa_supplicant disassociates from the AP; pump also 
would hang when this happens.

Turns out, the most recent version of pump(0.8.21) doesn't bring the 
interface down and things work OK.

What I still notice however is that if I manually run "ifconfig wlan0 
up" followed by "ifconfig wlan0 down", the second command hangs ( note 
-- wpa_supplicant is not involved in this at all ).

I'm running a 2.4.20 kernel w/the WE-15 patch.

I wanted to ping the list before debugging any further.

Tony Espy
Pepper Computer

p.s. is there an easy way to search the "new" hostap mailing list archive?

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