Question about set "test mode: monitor" in PRISM chip

David Liu juin.cm89 at
Tue Dec 7 12:06:43 EST 2004

	I've used "iwpriv wlan0 set_rid_word 64645 1" to set the card in
promisc mode,  but promisc mode just made the card receive all data messages
only within the BSS.
	I also tried to use the command "iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor" and
use ethereal to dump all the received data. If I want to receive data from
several BSS's ( maybe just from certain channel ) without 802.11 header
added, it seems that the command  "monitor mode command:0b38" works. Please
see the doc, 
PP.225 F.2.8 monitor mode
	Can anyone suggest me how to send this command to the card?
	Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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