STA Key handshake in WPA2

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Sun Dec 5 20:43:32 EST 2004

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> I have a query on STAKey handshake, I see which is not yet implemented in WPA supplicant.

Do you happen to know of any AP/Authenticator supporting STAKey

> "How to maintain the STAkeys at the supplicant end?"
> In STAKey Handshake, there will be only one STAKeySA with the same initiator and peer MAC address. For example, if there are three supplicants SUP1, SUP2, SUP3 in the BSS and if suppose two supplicants SUP1, SUP2 initiate the STAKey handshake with the same SUP3, then in that scenario, SUP3 would be holding two different STAKeys one for each supplicant. 
> In this case, we wanted to know, do we have maintain a look-up table for storing STAKeys of all supplicants that has initiated STAKey handshake at SUP3 along with inititor MAC address.

Would that information be needed in the supplicant after STAKey has been
configured to the driver? If yes, then yes, there would need to be a
table of all currently live STAKeySAs in the supplicant.

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