Wifiadmin: a new version

Thanos Panousis pthanos_gr at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 4 13:39:38 EST 2004

   Hi everyone. Some months ago I posted about a
project that aims to create a web interface for the
HOSTAP/wireless tools enabled drivers.

   I post again after months of development, to inform
the community that wifiadmin has reached version 0.0.3
and has a remarkable feature list. Complete visual
revamp, lots of information for AP assosiations, many
point and click functions that require quite a lot of
typing under the command prompt, rrd graphs for a
plethora of data and so on. It can help community(or
not) wireless administrators like myself have an
overall view of the multi-wlan interface node, which
is a hard task under the command prompt.

   You can check out the project homepage here:
http://wifiadmin.sourceforge.net/ . The screenshots
are a good example of the work that has taken place
since our initial release.

Hope you find our project useful. This is where most
programming and testing took place all these months :)
: http://students.ceid.upatras.gr/~panousis/taratsa/

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