WPA2(hostapd latest CVS) and madwifi driver

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at cc.hut.fi
Sat Dec 4 02:14:52 EST 2004

On Sat, Dec 04, 2004 at 02:55:16PM +0800, Chuanhua Lei wrote:

>      When I try WPA2 (hostapd latest CVS) with madwifi driver (Master Mode).
> After 4-way is finished, no 2-way group, Why?

Because IEEE 802.11i/WPA2 integrated initial Group Key handshake into
PTK (4-Way) handshake.

> IEEE 802.1X: 99 bytes from 00:10:c6:1c:ce:b2
>    IEEE 802.1X: version=2 type=3 length=95
> ath0: STA 00:10:c6:1c:ce:b2 WPA: received EAPOL-Key frame (4/4 Pairwise)
> WPA: 00:10:c6:1c:ce:b2 WPA_PTK entering state PTKINITDONE
> madwifi_set_key: alg=CCMP addr=00:10:c6:1c:ce:b2 key_idx=0
> ath0: STA 00:10:c6:1c:ce:b2 IEEE 802.1X: authorizing port
> madwifi_set_sta_authorized: addr=00:10:c6:1c:ce:b2 authorized=1
> ath0: STA 00:10:c6:1c:ce:b2 WPA: pairwise key handshake completed (RSN)

As far as AP/Authenticator is concerned, the authentication has been
completed and connection is up here.

> =============>Then repeat
> Wireless event: cmd=0x8c03 len=20
> ath0: STA 00:10:c6:1c:ce:b2 IEEE 802.11: associated

Client decided to re-associate for some reason.

> I use odyssey client 3.1 and your wpa_supplicant with madwifi driver(managed
> mode), and has the same results as above.

Could you please send debug logs from both hostapd and wpa_supplicant
from such a test case? AP side debug log did not show any issues alone.

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