wpa_supplicant fails with ndiswrapper andmadwifi driver for Atheros 802.11a/b/g card

Michael Reilly michaelr at cisco.com
Thu Dec 2 18:51:46 EST 2004

I copied both ndsiwrapper and wpa_supplicant from cvs and installed both. 
It appears that my Atheros cards now work with the APs I've tried.

I haven't tried madwifi with the new wpa_supplicant but I expect it to work 

Thank you,


Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 21, 2004 at 07:59:01PM -0800, Michael Reilly wrote:
>>I just tried 0.12rc3 with my two Atheros cards against a Cisco 1100 AP 
>>using WPA-PSK.  It failed with both cards.  It may be related to the timing 
>>related problems you are seeing.  I have been busy at work so haven't had a 
>>chance to play with this a lot
> Could you please re-test ndiswrapper with the current development branch
> snapshot of wpa_supplicant?
> I did some more testing with number of different client cards, drivers,
> and APs. There are indeed quite many cases where the group key handshake
> fails because of the client not receiving the encrypted EAPOL-Key frame.
> I was able to improve reliablity of the key handshakes greatly by
> removing some of the key clearing operations. In practice, this removed
> the five key delete operations that were done immediately after link up
> (association) event.
> I don't know why removing keys would cause issues in receiving encrypted
> unicast frames _after_ new PTK is configured just some time after this.
> Anyway, most of the key clearing operations are not really needed, so
> getting rid of them should at least speed up association a bit, if
> nothing else. I would like to remove the unicast key for the new AP to
> make sure that no old key is configured during the initial 4-Way
> Handshake. However, even that one operation seemed to make group key
> handshake unreliable.

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