hostapd/madwifi wpa configuration error

Scott Yokim scottyokim at
Wed Dec 1 03:22:48 EST 2004


   When I try to run hostapd (built for madwifi), I
get the below error.  Did I configure something
incorrectly during the build or in a .conf file?

Configuration file: /usr/local/sbin/madwifi.conf
madwifi_set_iface_flags: dev_up=0
Using interface ath1 with hwaddr 00:01:24:70:50:54 and
ssid 'quitoWAN10'
ath1: RADIUS Authentication server
ath1: RADIUS Accounting server
madwifi_set_ieee8021x: enabled=1
madwifi_configure_wpa: group key cipher=1
ioctl[IEEE80211_IOCTL_SETPARAM]: Invalid argument
Unable to set group key cipher to 1
ath1: DRIVER Error configuring WPA state!
IEEE 802.1X initialization failed.
Sending RADIUS message to accounting server
RADIUS message: code=4 (Accounting-Request)
identifier=0 length=74
   Attribute 40 (Acct-Status-Type) length=6
      Value: 8
   Attribute 45 (Acct-Authentic) length=6
      Value: 1
   Attribute 4 (NAS-IP-Address) length=6
   Attribute 30 (Called-Station-Id) length=30
      Value: '00-01-24-70-50-54:quitoWAN10'
   Attribute 49 (Acct-Terminate-Cause) length=6
      Value: 11
madwifi_set_privacy: enabled=0
madwifi_set_ieee8021x: enabled=0
madwifi_set_iface_flags: dev_up=0

Scott Yokim

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