New management sub types

Ilyes Gouta igouta at
Sat May 31 05:11:26 EDT 2003

Hi !

Actually, i fixed that problem by putting my stuff
directly into data frames. I used a magic as a header
for my personal data. I added some lines to
hostap_rx_skb to handle the reception of my customized
frames. The basic idea is to check at ((struct
hfa384x_rx_frame*)rxdesc+1) if that magic exists. if
yes, do your stuff then call to dev_free_skb and then
return. If no, just pass that skb to be processed by
the original function.

That's it .. just play with the code :)

P.S: creating new management frames and sending them
to the AP DOES actually work. the opposite no.

 --- Yu-Xi Lim <yuxi at> a écrit : > Jouni
Malinen said:
> > In most cases, station firmware does not pass
> management frames to the
> > host driver in managed mode. Latest versions
> (1.7.x) might pass some
> > frames (like beacon/proberesp) for WPA
> functionality, but in general
> > Prism2 is not the best alternative for such
> functionality.
> What alternative would you recommend then?
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