STA to AP traffic dominates? Eventual crash?

Joseph Chiu joseph at
Thu May 29 19:20:17 EDT 2003


When I stress test hostap-0.0.3 with iperf sending TCP traffic through the
AP host, it seems traffic from STA->AP will dominate over AP->STA traffic.

[Host A]====100BaseTX====[AP Host] . . . 802.11b . . . [Host B]

Host A -> Host B only traffic will yield 1 to 2 Mbits/sec if no Host B ->
Host A traffic.

Host B -> Host A only traffic will yield 2 to 4 Mbits/sec if no Host A ->
Host B traffic

Host A -> Host B yields between 64 Kbits/sec to 400 Kbits/sec, and
Host B -> Host A yield around 2 Mbits/sec when both sides are sending
traffic to each other.

Separately, when both sides are actively sending traffic, the AP Host will
eventually die with a memory oops in swapper or hostapd.  This particular AP
Host has very little memory (about 12 MB) -- could it be that there is some
bad handling of an 'out of resource' condition?


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