Handling of FCS Errors

Kilian Rall rolston at web.de
Mon May 26 09:49:27 EDT 2003

Hi there!

Does anybody know how the HostAP driver handles FCS- Errors?
I have studied the source code serveral times but I didn't get behind it.

Does the reciever only drop damaged packets and the sender retransmits them when a timeout expires, 
or does the reciever send Acknowlege- packets and No- Acknowledge packets like it is done when you have a sliding window protocol?

Which functions are used for what?

prism2_rx for sending
prism2_tx for recieving

both use prism2_transmit

When is prism2_txexc started?

So many questions left...

Thank you very much for your help!

Kilian Rall
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