[PATCH] Re: CardServices release does not match

Thomas Schreiner hostap at tschreiner.org
Sun May 25 07:53:11 EDT 2003


Pavel Roskin schrieb:
> On Sat, 24 May 2003, Slobodan Tomic wrote:
>>  What does 'dmesg' say? If it still says that CardServices release does
>>not match, try quick hack: put 'PCMCIA_PATH=/path/to/your/local/pcmcia'
>>at the beginning of driver/module/Makefile.
> Actually, this won't work.  It's my error.  I only tested my previous
> patch if PCMCIA_PATH is set on the command line.  If it's set in the
> Makefile, it needs to be exported.
> The attached patch exports PCMCIA_PATH and also introduces some basic
> checks to avoid common errors.

There has been no attached patch... I tried

# env PCMCIA_PATH='/home/thomas/pcmcia_cs-3.2.5' make pccard && make 

(/home/thomas/pcmcia-cs-3.2.5 is the directory where I compiled
pcmcia_cs, is that what I have to do?), but I'm still getting:

hostap_cs.o: init_module: Operation not permitted
(as standard output) and
hostap_cs: CardServices release does not match!
in dmesg when I'm loading the module.


> If PCMCIA_PATH is set to an invalid or missing directory, exit with an
> error.  If both CONFIG_PCMCIA and PCMCIA_PATH are set, it's an error too -
> you don't need to specify PCMCIA_PATH if kernel PCMCIA support is present.
> If neither CONFIG_PCMCIA nor PCMCIA_PATH are defined, it's a warning.
> Ideally, hostap_cs shouldn't be built and installed in this case, but
> let's leave it for another patch.
> There is no need to add "-I$(PCMCIA_PATH)/include" to INCLUDES in the
> top-level Makefile.  INCLUDES is only used to find KERNELRELEASE, which is
> independent of pcmcia-cs.  This still looks too complicated to me.
> Cannot we use "sed" to get UTS_RELEASE from include/linux/version.h or
> even directly from the kernel top-level Makefile?
> Since depmod is run after every installed modules, make can fail because
> of unresolved symbols if the already installed modules that are about to
> be replaced.  I see two ways to avoid this problem.  One is to create
> private targets like _install_pcard without depmod and make sure that
> public targets only call depmod at the end.  Another approach is to
> introduce "uninstall" target that would remove old modules before depmod
> is run the first time.  The patch implements the second approach.
> We may need to run "make uninstall" for 2.5 kernels as well if hostap_cs
> becomes optional (to remove old hostap_cs if PCMCIA has been disabled
> since it was compiled), but it's not in this patch.

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